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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on households and communities. The way businesses, training institutions and ministries operated do not apply anymore.

Together we have to be creative and resilient to make every day count. In the past, people engaged others in specific styles of communication, for example, marketing-centred or promotional interactions. At this stage, the need for our clients is encouragement and healing-centred engagements.

Much of the cosmetic fluff has weathered and personal interaction and kindness are more important than ever. Customer loyalty is won by the way they are treated during these challenging times.

There are four lifestyle strengths you need to survive and build your business and practice that is relevant now. The priority strengths are consideration, reliability, flexibility and altruism.

Consideration refers to being cooperative and willing to volunteer where you can make a difference. This is the time to be peacemakers, rather than to stir strife and unnecessary conflict. The greatest culprits in stirring discord are fake news and political rhetoric while people’s lives are at stake.

Reliability brings faithfulness to the foreground. We need the tenacity not to give up, to be persistent in doing what is necessary and the willingness to change. This is dependability with loyalty and predictability.

Flexibility links to the willingness to change because this allows personal growth and contentment. In other words, being diplomatic and happy to go along with change involving minimal stress.

Altruism is the generosity and self-motivation to make your community a better place. Helping others to feel loved and lovable. Motivating other people to learn and grow towards a better future.

The most important aspects for me to live a fulfilling life at this moment is holding on to the hope and staying rooted in my relationship with God. I am also grateful for my loved ones and friends.  (Dr Barbara Louw 2020)

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  1. Adhering to Ethics made Practical(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  2. Basic Trauma Support when working with Children(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  3. Basic Trauma Support when working with Adults(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  4. Trauma Relief for Management(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  5. Victim Empowerment (SACE 5 CPTD points)
  6. Wellness and Self-care(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  7. Embitterment in the Workplace(CPSC 4 CPD points)
  8. Hope and Embitterment(CPSC 4 CPD points)
  9. Bitterness, Revenge and Resiliency(CPSC 4 CPD points)
  10. Wholistic Wellness Model for Counsellors(CPSC 4 CPD points)
  11. Financial Literacy Programme (Sponsored)
  12. Business Management for Counselling Practice(CPSC 3 CPD points)
  13. Risk Management for Practice(CPSC 2 CPD points)
  14. Emotional First Aid for Trauma Responders(CPSC 4 CPD points)
  15. Professionalism and Professional Bodies (CPSC 2 CPD points)
  16. Cultural Diversity and Sensitive Support(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  17. Roles and Responsibilities when serving on Board and Committees(SACE 5 CPTD points)
  18. Principles of Coaching and Mentoring (SACE 5 CPTD points)
  19. Addressing Bullying - Online Workshop (SACE 5 CPTD points/CPSC 4 CPD points)
  20. Dealing with Cyberbullying - Online Workshop (SACE 5 CPTD points/CPSC 4 CPD points)


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  • Basic Trauma Support with Children  will link with the childrens’ book series and accompanying therapeutic tools for working with children, authored and illustrated by Dr Barbara Louw, that will be launched soon.


The fee for a 4-hour workshop will be R 400. This will include:

  • Registration on our learner management system and access to the system for a year.
  • Opportunity to attend the workshop and network with colleagues.
  • Workshop notes in the format of an eBook that will be downloadable before the workshop commences.
  • The CPD/attendance certificate/confirmation letter for the employer will be downloadable within 48 hours after the workshop. This will enable you to upload your CPD points timeously with your professional body, according to the T&C of that institution.
  • Access to webinars, additional resources and recommended media.
  • Payments will be processed via Payfast, which includes the possibility to make recurring payments to suit your budget.

The aforementioned workshops are aimed at expanding the professional development of pastors, teachers, social workers, health care workers, psychologists, police and law enforcement members, criminologists, counsellors, as well as human resource – and employee assistance practitioners. Other beneficiaries will include volunteers, students and communities who are passionate about help others.

You’re a most welcome to enquire about these workshops for your personal professional development, as well as for your school, church or community project. Address your query to

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Travelling Refugees

By Wynand J Louw 2008

 tn Wynand 001

The soles of their shoes
are worn down
by the seeming endless
pilgrimage. Blister upon
blister, bursting, bleeding…
the courage within them
the only thing that drives
them forward – the knowledge
of a better day to come.


People like glimmering angels
on their road to victory -
good Samaritans in a
world of shadows,
radiating God in all his glory.


One might be Kindness,
giving them a horse of hope
to ease their journey forward.


Another might be Generosity,
giving them sanctuary in the Word.

A little further down the road,
they might find Love,
giving them healing and comfort,
and helping them find God again.


And somewhere along their
twisting turning path back to self worth,
they might find the stranger,
the friend, the counsellor...

if only for a day.
A stranger to listen to their every word.


When you encounter these victors
struggling past you along this road:


Who are you willing to be?