Dr Barbara Louw


Counselling and coaching is not a hobby for me. I am passionate about helping people to put trauma behind them and for them to grow. In order offer excellent care to my clients I studied and did extensive research for the past 30 years. At the same time, I work in the community and my practice.

In my practice I make distinctions between different kinds of professional interaction with people. There are services to help people with personal struggles or to offer coaching to achieve liberating wellbeing. Other services are tailored for the corporate environment to assist employers, business owners and employees with trauma relief.

As we don’t know how the world will look in 10 years’ time, I am committed to serve our clients to best of our ability. The online workshops and counselling are already offered and utilized with great success. The next step is making online appointment booking available shortly.

As far as your needs are concerned, no problem is too big or too small. Together we look at what you need for a solution focused perspective, with special attention to your story. In the therapeutic relationship takes place talked in real time, and when unhealed wounds become apparent you can receive the care you need.

Your unique story will not be a burden to me, because over the year I have helped people deal with trauma, deep historic pain and crushing realities. You and your story will always be handled with respect and dignity in the process of gentle guidance and prayerful support.

Before your session, we will engage in a suitable agreement to enable you to express your needs, background and the outcomes you want to achieve. You receive all the information about fees, session length and my professional registrations. No ambiguity to ensure that we can build a therapeutic relationship of professional trust.

Services include various levels of support, counselling, therapy and coaching, as well as supervision. Training is divided in personal development and growth, continuous professional development (CPD) workshops and more formal training.

The purpose of the more formal training is to equip people to help others in their environments. Helping people in the community, pews, the workplace and consulting rooms to use the models I developed during my studies. This include structured training on the Wholistic Wellness Coaching Model; Pastoral Victim Empowerment Model and Christian Counselling training.

My husband and I have been involved with Inter Trauma Nexus, a Christian Ministry Network that can be considered expression of our community responsibility. Through this ministry network we offer victim empowerment, ministry support and training. You are welcome to sign up for the daily electronic newsletter, in Afrikaans and English.

You will see that there are links to social media on this site, because you are welcome to link up for regular updates about training, news and encouragement.


Please note that I do not share my clients information with any external researchers; students or any other third party.

There are fees payable for different services and training.




Making A Difference

The most straightforward way to introduce Dr Barbara Louw is to say that she is passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of people. As an experienced Traumatologist and Pastoral Counsellor, she enables her clients to put the trauma behind them and to grow towards wellness. After dealing with the initial crisis and trauma, she adds value to her clients’ lives by being available to coach them to wholeness.

Her academic background is diverse and well is expressed in public speaking engagements and community-friendly workshops. She shares practical and theoretical knowledge by offering continuous professional development training as well as formal academic training.

The value of individual counselling and coaching sessions are enhanced by regular motivational posts and engagements on social media. These messages are aimed at inspiring wellness and wholeness. Since most of her clients are professionals for whom confidentiality is very important, she personally schedules her appointments. No middle person. No waiting in any queue. She takes the time to listen to your unique story and will help you to find your own options and strategies to get through the problem saturated situations.

Dr Barbara is down-to-earth and easy to relate to because she approaches people in a compassionate and optimistic way. As an experienced counsellor, she explains to her clients how she can help by giving you a basic “road map” to her approach. She helps you to find hope and gently encourages you to grow towards healing and wholeness.

As a consultant to your company, she offers ad hoc and retainer-based solutions-focused advice, training and trauma relief facilitation. Her approach in the corporate environment is based on timeous assistance and intervention, followed by appropriate professional intervention.

For other professionals she offers supervision, coaching and mentoring. These contract-based services are available for managers, business owners and selected students.

In order to ensure continued ethical practice and quality service provision, Dr Barbara is registered as a professional Pastoral Counsellor with ACRP and CPSC; and a professional Employee Assistance Practitioner, with EAPA-SA.

To make an appointment with Dr Barbara, you are welcome to Book your online or in-person appointment today or phone her on +27 83 700 1441 and find out how she can help you or your company.

Bio Prof Barbara Louw

Dr Barbara Louw works as a traumatologist, registered specialist wellness- and pastoral counsellor. Her professional registration falls under EAPA-SA; CPSC and ACRP. Her private practice is Aquilla Wellness Solutions.

She is a Professor at Binah Advanced Bible College/Therapon University and Kailo Institute NPC.

In 2020 she obtained the postdoctoral degree Doctor in Divinity for Developing a strategy to address bullying for pastors and educators in South Africa.

Her other postgraduate studies included an investigation of the use of narrative therapy with victims of sexual violations (Master’s in Sociology) and posttraumatic embitterment disorder - PhD in Counselling. She also holds a PhD in Wellness and Folk Medicine. As a renowned author, speaker and training facilitator.

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