A Practical Model to efficiently support people to put trauma behind them.

A Sensible Vision2

ISBN 9781920290931

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 A Sensible Vision is a testimony to how inherent talent and passion for a God-given calling to help people can be realized. This vision or dream developed over time to be practical and prudent. This book is a demonstration of a dream that came to earth and made a difference in the lives of people.

This book is for you if you are passionate about helping traumatized people.

It is for the professional working in the field of human sciences and who has general training in dealing with people, but needs to refine an approach in dealing with people in crisis or trauma.

  • Small business owners and managers will benefit from this book, because it gives practical guidance on dealing with trauma in their workplace, without confusing the employer-employee relationship.

  • A friend who is concerned about another friend or a family member will get guidance on how to help and when to seek other avenues of help.

  • It is for the member of a community who wants to reach out to people who need support but can’t afford to pay professional fees.

  • It is for the members of a congregation who feel that there is a calling from God to help people carry their burdens in life.

  • This book is for students who are venturing from the study environment to practical work in their community.

This book will enable you to get the big picture of what trauma is and how it impacts people. You will be guided to understand the concept of trauma and be made aware of its impact, responses and accompanying stressors. It will guide you to understand and apply the principles of making a difference, being sensitive, offering appropriate face-to-face trauma support, and knowing when and how to refer your client or friend.

The purpose of the book is to enable you to help your clients use their unique life stories as points of departure on the road to putting trauma behind them and finding hope.

You will find practical guidelines and applicable suggestions that you can use to assist your client on the road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness. The solutions-focused concepts discussed in this book have been tried and tested for more than 20 years and we use the timeless Biblical message of hope.

The publisher is Aquilla Advisors cc. For more information: 012 348 0149 or email