I am your breakthrough champion who demystifies trauma and crises because life is about more than solving problems. Life is a journey with many ups and downs as well as detours and exit roads.

Going for counselling can be an unnerving prospect in any situation where you haven’t defined your problem in your own words. The first question you can ask yourself is might I benefit from trying counselling? The answer is an unequivocal YES if you are experiencing one or more of the following awareness:

  • The constant feeling of being overwhelmed
  • You can’t seem to stop making self-defeating choices
  • You might be stuck in a frustrating rut
  • You are caught in a place where nothing you’ve done before seems to have helped
  • You feel like nobody understands
  • You are riding an emotional rollercoaster
  • You crave a new perspective
  • You need someone to really listen, without prejudice or any preconceived agenda.
  • You find that your self-esteem isn’t what it could be and you feel fragile
  • You are aware that relationships could be better than they are at this stage in your life
  • You are often getting comments from friends and family encouraging you to get help
  • You are exhausted from acting strong all the time
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life

 Sometimes the client gets the courage to acknowledge that they need help in a specific area of their lives, but then they feel fainthearted and don’t follow through on that decision. Why do you cancel plans at the last moment?

  • You may be too exhausted to face the world
  • You are too tired to pretend to be okay
  • You are struggling and don’t want to burden you with their problems
  • You feel overwhelmed by the challenges of the moment
  • You worry that you will have an outburst or meltdown and upset everyone
  • You are on the edge and can’t cope with being in a situation that’s not in your control

I am passionate about helping people to put the trauma behind them by walking gently in their lives. I know that I spent a brief moment in a client’s life and that all wounds are not visible. I do as much as possible to create a safe place to talk through life challenges such as breakups, grief, parenting difficulties, or family struggles. It is time to be well and whole.

I help you to cope by, assisting you to keep a sense of perspective amid your reality. We also do the following together:

  • Look for solutions in problem-saturated situations
  • Find the balance between practicality and spiritual wellbeing
  • Practical guidance when fear and trauma reactions show up
  • Improve your relationships and your ability to communicate
  • Discover the best options rather than being paralysed by perfectionism

This helping relationship is going to be time-limited as far as the problem-saturated situation is concerned. You will come to a stage where you realize that you can cope. You know you are starting to heal when you start to look beyond the grief, stress and anxiety and realize the following:

  • You fill your cup – can breathe and have faith that God is guiding you through
  • You create healthy boundaries
  • You feel whole and complete in brokenness
  • It is okay to take a break
  • You know not everyone will support you and you continue healing anyway
  • Your faith is anchored and stronger
  • You are patient knowing that change doesn’t happen overnight

Let us create a trusting relationship to assist you in getting the right kind of help.

If you need counselling it is for a season.

Easy appointments via online booking systems with the secure payment portal. You complete your intake and agreement forms before appointments to eliminate wasting your time.

 The online booking system is on Aquilla Wellness Solutions' site at www.aquillasa.co.za

 I included this infographic summarizing this article for you to download, copy and share.