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Elke sessie word ingelig deur jou unieke storie en situasie. Jy sal vinnige en meetbare resultate tydens elke sessie kan ervaar, asook deurlopende verandering tussen sessies.

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You will be able to experience rapid and measurable results during each session, as well as continuous change between sessions.

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A Word of Cautions Regarding Fake Profiles.

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  • Articles


    Dr Barbara Louw is down-to-earth and easy to relate to because she approaches people in a compassionate and optimistic way. Nonetheless, she achieved multiple postgraduate qualifications and the articles in this section reflect her passion to demystify life issues in such a way that people can grow in wellness. The articles display the following:

    • As an experienced counsellor, she explains to her clients how she can help by giving you a basic “road map” to her approach.
    • She helps you to find hope and gently encourages you to grow towards healing and wholeness.
    • As a consultant to your company, she offers ad hoc and retainer-based solutions-focused advice, training and trauma relief facilitation.
    • Her approach in the corporate environment is based on timeous assistance and intervention, followed by appropriate professional intervention.

  • Sometimes silence is welcome


    Supporting A Loved One 101

    Sometimes silence is welcome.

    The trauma of an adverse medical diagnosis such as cancer brings an awkward wordlessness because it feels like there are no words to describe what happened. There are not enough words to describe what is on in one’s mind, emotions or body. In a single moment, life changes forever. It feels like the world stopped turning.

    Words like life, change and health have new meanings or no known meaning at all. The numbness and feeling overwhelmed last longer than anyone could ever imagine. It can last days, weeks or months. They become unwelcome companions that come and go all the time. Every time they come back, they bring more huge emotions like anxiety, fear, anger and frustration.

    Silence is welcome because sometimes you need to sit with your loved one in silence. It is the best way to be with them, so they are not alone in their quest to find words. You don’t have to have all the answers. Old clichés will only enhance feelings of shame, fear and guilt. You don’t need to fill the quietness with empty words or silly jokes. Your silent prayer is the most powerful gift you can bring to the situation.


    Dr Barbara Louw

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  • Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series 1

    Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series 1


    You will benefit from the Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Seriesby Dr Barbara Louw if you were in painful situations which left you feeling overwhelmed and traumatized. You know that you are unique, and you don’t want textbook answers, but you need someone to listen to your story while you feel safe and validated. You need optimal, lasting results fast.

    This series is particularly valuable for people who had to deal with traumatic events. Traumatic situations can be physical, emotional or spiritual wounds that stop you from feeling well and alive. This includes robberies, attacks, sexual violations, poor family relationships, spiritual abuse and bullying.

    The Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series consistsof 6 individual sessions in 6 weeks.

    Personal counselling sessions can be online or in-person in Pretoria. It is possible to have a combination of the two forms of interaction.


    All participants must have internet access for registration and access to the documents that will be provided every week.

    Potential participants can complete an online self-assessment quiz to assess whether they like the underpinning principles of the counselling offered by Dr Barbara Louw. After completing the quiz and selecting the best Series for you, you can request a 15-minute initial telephone conversation with her to confirm whether you will be able to work together.


    This series of personal counselling sessions is more than a blueprint because Dr Barbara Louw’s Wholistic Wellness Model has been tried and tested for over 20+ years. The model offers life-changing applications of lifelong benefits.

    Each session is informed by your unique story and situation. You will be able to experience rapid and measurable results during each session, as well as continuous change between sessions.

    Sessions are confidential and there will be no group work.

    The Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series is structured in a way that you can feel safe because you know what to expect in each session. You will have enough time to choose what to share and how you would like to formulate your thoughts into words.

    Dr Barbara Louw works at your pace to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed in your sessions together. Christian Pastoral counselling focuses on solutions for your challenges and skills to empower you to allow healing to continue long after the sessions end.

    After completing the Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series, you will receive a certificate to celebrate your journey.


    The main headings for the series are:

    1.     This is Me

    2.     My Safe Place

    3.     My Key Life Areas

    4.     My Old Story

    5.     My Believe System

    6.     My Growth Story


    At the end of the Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series:

    ·       You will understand stress, trauma and your pain in a new light.

    ·       You will be able to deal with the trauma in the correct way because you recognise what is happening in your body, mind and spirit.

    ·       You will feel safe enough to move beyond mere survival and to grow.

    ·       The new skills will help you to deal with stress, anxiety and shame effectively because you feel more open, calm and healthier.

    ·       You will be less overwhelmed and have a greater sense of safety because your story is valid.

    ·       You will be able to put the trauma behind you because you are on a journey to be resilient and well.

    ·       You will find greater peace in your relationship with God as you grow towards wellness.


    In the Trauma Breakthrough Personal Counselling Series,you will receive the following:

    ·       An infographic when you have registered and submitted your payment.

    ·       Welcome letter with details of the sessions and your 6 coupon codes which will enable you to book your sessions.

    ·       Handouts, worksheets, self-assessment tools and notes to make your journey measurable and help you to make the most of every session.


    The package fee is R 4200-

    (Total value is R 6000-)


    We do not accept medical aids and do not make biomedical diagnoses. This means you can't claim refunds from medical aids or medical insurance.

    Online registration via Aquilla Training’s platform.

    Keep in mind when choosing a time to make an appointment Dr Louw is in South Africa and the time zone may differ from yours.

    The Personal Counselling Series in English and Persoonlike Beradingsreekse in Afrikaans are dissimilar. All series will be presented via Aquilla Trainings platform.


    The three English Personal Counselling Series of 6 sessions in 6 weeks are:

    ·       Trauma Breakthrough

    ·       Trauma Recovery and Wellness

    ·       From Bitter-“stuckness” to Wisdom

    Die drie Afrikaanse Persoonlike Beradingsreekse van 6 sessies in 6 weke is:

    ·       Trauma Agter die Rug

    ·       Tyd om Heel te Word

    ·       Skryf Jou Pad na Heelwording


You can show that you care by sponsoring a counselling session. This gesture is a gift that will be remembered for years to come. A gift counselling session is a gift of hope and growth for someone who needs a nudge in the right direction.


The Association for Christian Ministries is a voluntary association we formed to accommodate people who have a God-given calling. This voluntary association perfectly suites the ministry in which you are serving people.

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This workshop is for any member of the community who hears the cries of the pain of people who are affected by self-harm, attempted suicide and suicidal ideation. We look at the history of suicide, contributing factors, prevention and the aftermath of such an event.

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