Dr Barbara Louw
Elke sessie word ingelig deur jou unieke storie en situasie. Jy sal vinnige en meetbare resultate tydens elke sessie kan ervaar, asook deurlopende verandering tussen sessies.

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You will be able to experience rapid and measurable results during each session, as well as continuous change between sessions.

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A Word of Cautions Regarding Fake Profiles.

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Dr Barbara Louw

  • Alles vir Almal


    Alles vir almal.

    Ek is ‘n toegewyde ma, jarelange student, aktiewe gemeenskapslid en so meer. Ek het vir baie lank probeer om by meer dinge uit te kom as wat ek op twee hande kan opnoem. Dan was daar ook die ekstras. Krisisberading en trauma ontlonting wat eenvoudig moes gebeur anders word die bediening afgeskeep.

    Sommige aande het ek teruggedink oor my dag en gewonder waar is die dag heen. Dit het gevoel asof die idee om alles vir almal te probeer wees dieselfde is as niks vir enige iemand. Ek weet nie of die stelling waar is nie, maar my energie was so uitgeput dat my sin van betekenisvolle werk en liefdevolle verhouding verdof het.

  • An Introduction to Kailo Soothing Oils and Herbs

    Welcome to Kailo Soothing Oils where the earliest wisdom meets modern wellness. At the heart of our mission lies a profound respect for the natural therapeutic powers of soothing oils, herbs, and spices. Our meticulously crafted products are designed to enhance wellness and promote a wholistic approach to a life well-lived.

    Each ingredient in our lineup is chosen for its intrinsic health benefits for its ability to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. We believe that true health is about more than just avoiding illness—it's about thriving in harmony with nature and unlocking the full potential of your well-being.

    Through our products and educational efforts, we empower you to understand and utilize the wholistic value of food. Join us on a transformative journey to discover how integrating nature’s treasures into your daily routine can elevate your health, enhance your vitality, and lead you to a more vibrant life. Let's thrive together with every drop and every bite.

    The project's leaders are Dr Barbara Louw and Dr Wynand J Louw.

    This formidable team will share a weekly blog while preparing a book where they approach various topics, from their unique perspectives. Both these multi-passionate researchers have the talent to demystify difficult issues and share life-changing insights with you.

    Wellbeing, By Nature's Design.

    Nature’s Best, For Your Best


  • Art That Heals: Find Your Light in Every Stroke

    Art That Heals: Find Your Light in Every Stroke

    Dr Barbara Louw is a multi-passionate person who expresses her talents in ministry, writing and artwork. She describes her art as follows: 

    "In the heart of my artistic journey lies a profound dedication to illuminating the path from struggle to serenity, from turbulence to triumph. My art is more than a visual experience; it’s a beacon of hope and healing for those navigating the complexities of life, art, and relationships. With intuition as my guide and spontaneity as my technique, I craft each piece to speak directly to the soul, offering a moment of reflection, connection, and transformation.

    My palette is rich with bold, resonant colours and contrasts, each chosen for its aesthetic appeal and deep symbolic meaning. The dynamic interplay of light and shadow, the energy of every gesture and brush stroke, all contribute to a unique iconography that celebrates the enduring strength and spirit of humanity. This is art that doesn’t just capture the eye—it engages the heart and nurtures the spirit, inviting viewers into a shared journey of discovery and empowerment.

    At the core of my work is the unshakable belief in the hope we have in Christ—a hope that does not disappoint, but sustains us through our darkest times and leads us into light. Through my art, I aspire to create spaces where viewers can find solace, inspiration, and the courage to continue their journeys. Here, amid the vibrant chaos and the deep, resonant calm, you are invited to find not just a piece of art, but a piece of yourself—a reminder of your resilience, strength, and capacity to thrive, no matter the odds."

    Canvas prints are available on BluEagle eShop.


  • Articles


    Dr Barbara Louw is down-to-earth and easy to relate to because she approaches people in a compassionate and optimistic way. Nonetheless, she achieved multiple postgraduate qualifications and the articles in this section reflect her passion to demystify life issues in such a way that people can grow in wellness. The articles display the following:

    • As an experienced counsellor, she explains to her clients how she can help by giving you a basic “road map” to her approach.
    • She helps you to find hope and gently encourages you to grow towards healing and wholeness.
    • As a consultant to your company, she offers ad hoc and retainer-based solutions-focused advice, training and trauma relief facilitation.
    • Her approach in the corporate environment is based on timeous assistance and intervention, followed by appropriate professional intervention.

  • As jy jou ore uitleen

    Natuurlik lyk jy nie soos ‘n springhaas nie, maar ek wonder of jy soms jou ore te veel uitleen. Nee, ek bedoel nie noodwendig dat jy na skinderstories luister nie. Luister jy na mense se ongevraagde en onwelkome menings en kry jy dan jou ore en jou hart in ‘n gehawende toestand terug?

    Jou naam beteken hoop en elke keer as iemand jou naam noem spreek hulle hoop oor jou uit. Daar is egter mense wat meer menings as wysheid het.

  • Blooming Amidst Thorns: Finding Resilience in Sharing Faith

    In the Garden of Life, roses stand as timeless symbols of beauty and resilience. Their delicate petals unfurl amidst sharp thorns, a poignant reminder that growth often accompanies adversity. Similarly, our journey through life is marked by challenges and traumas, yet within those struggles lies the opportunity for resilience and growth.

    At the heart of this analogy lies the power of sharing our experiences, both joyful and painful. Just as roses flourish in well-tended gardens, we too can thrive in environments that offer safety and understanding. That’s where my blog and practice come in—to provide a sanctuary for individuals seeking solace and connection amidst life's thorns.

    I also create a safe space, where you can share the full spectrum of your humanity—your joys, pains, questions, and prayers. Here, vulnerability is not a weakness but a source of strength. It’s a place where your stories are honoured, your struggles acknowledged, and your journey validated.

    Like a gardener nurturing tender buds, I am here to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and support. Together, we tend to the soil of our souls, fostering growth and healing. Just as roses draw nourishment from the earth, we draw strength from one another, intertwining our roots to form a resilient community.

    In this garden of shared experiences, you are not alone. Here, amidst the blooms and thorns, you will find companionship, understanding, and hope. Together, we embrace the complexities of life, finding beauty even amid adversity.

    So, let us walk this path together, knowing that amidst life's challenges, there is always room to bloom. Together, we can transform pain into resilience, darkness into light, and thorns into roses. Welcome to a space where your story is not just heard but cherished—a sanctuary where you can bloom, unapologetically, amidst the thorns.


    Dr Barbara Louw


    Personal Counselling Appointments: In-person andOnline.


  • Brandwurms

    Hallo Nadia

    In ons omgewing is daar die tyd van die jaar ruspes wat ons sommer brandwurms noem. Hulle word gewoonlik verdra as hulle aan die tuinplante kraag, want binnekort verander hulle in papies wat in pragtige vlinders sal ontpop. As daardie goed op ʼn mense se vel kom, is dit ʼn ander storie.

  • Can I be a good counsellor?

    Can I be a counsellor?

    As a little girl, I wasn’t the kind of person who carried destitute kittens home. I had sympathy for hurting and suffering people. I remember giving away some of my precious toys to children who had no toys.

    Years later my childhood compassion translated into the desire to make a more substantial difference in people’s lives. Being a young adult in the transition years to a democratic South Africa created many opportunities to help people. In my book A Sensible Vision I wrote about this particular part of our journey.

    Turbulent times and the resulting hardship people endure are now rifer than in the past. In our little country, we have to deal with illnesses, natural and human-induced disasters, water scarcities, poverty, and unemployment. Murders, domestic violence, and crime make it seem as though people gave up on being humane. Healing and wholeness must start on the inside.

    My plea is that we leave no one in pain. Our society needs counsellors, victim supporters, and caring people on every level, in every institution. We need well-trained counsellors in every school, church, and community organisation.

    One of the first questions people ask during conversations is “Can I be a good counsellor?”. This is a powerful question to ask when you care about people because the answer can expand your horizons. You don’t have to excel at all forms of supporting people because you can focus on the areas that are closest to your caring heart.

    I compiled a self-assessment quiz that should give you a guideline for your natural ability to help others.

    Training offered

    The team at Kailo Training Institute is committed to supporting learners to complete their studies successfully. We have first-hand experience of the challenges experienced by adult learners, especially the multi-vocational scholars.

    Although the programs are presented online, and learners can work asynchronous and at their own pace no one is left to struggle alone. The lecturers are seasoned facilitators who arrange weekly online contact sessions with the learners. The lecturers are involved in the preliminary interviews, the selection process and coaching during the studies and practical work.

    The learners receive a grid with all the modules they have to complete and there are additional models to assist with practical aspects such as writing skills and research methods. Even though learners can work at their own pace, there are milestones that they have to reach to ensure that their studies will be completed within the contracted timeframe.

    If you are interested in studying with us, you can send an Expression of Interest today. There is a quiz available if you wonder whether you can be a good counsellor. QUIZ.


  • Canvas Prints of My Artwork

    Canvas prints of my artwork will be available soon via BluEagle eShop. I am looking forward to sharing the precious story of each art piece with you. My vision for my artwork in a nutshell: “I am passionate about conveying a dynamic sense of hope and healing amid struggles in life, art, and relationships. My work is intuitive, spontaneous, and symbolic. The strong colours, gestures and brushwork come together in dramatic, energetic compositions of my unique iconography. The colours and contrasts in each art piece are symbolic of the hope we have in Christ”

    Canvas Prints’ van my kunswerk sal binnekort via BlueEagle eShop beskikbaar wees. Ek sien uit daarna om die kosbare storie van elke kunsstuk met jou te deel. My visie vir my kunswerk in 'n neutedop: "Ek is passievol daaroor om 'n dinamiese gevoel van hoop en genesing oor te dra te midde van stryd in die lewe, kuns en verhoudings. My werk is intuïtief, spontaan en simbolies. Die sterk kleure, gebare en kwaswerk kom saam in dramatiese, energieke komposisies van my unieke ikonografie. Die kleure en kontraste in elke kunsstuk is simbolies van die hoop wat ons in Christus het.”


  • Counselling versus talking to you friend


    Counselling versus talking to you friend

    Talking to a friend may be free of charge, but working with a counsellor will give you the cognitive and therapeutic skills to live a happier life.

    When we don’t completely understand what professional counselling is, it’s easy to assume it can’t be more beneficial than talking to a friend. Like a relationship with a friend, seeing a counsellor involves conversing with someone, being vulnerable and maybe receiving advice. If counselling was only about paying someone to let you vent or chat with them, it actually would be a waste of money.

    The ‘talking’ aspects of counselling are only a very small part of the therapeutic journey.

  • Daar sal storms wees

    Hallo Nadia

    As dit rof gaan in ʼn mens se lewe is daar baie onrusbarende dinge wat ʼn mens raaksien. Dit is geen troos om die koerant op te tel of nuus te luister nie. Moord, politieke korrupsie, meningsgevegte en brandstofpryse dra nie by tot my siel se saligheid nie.

    Daar is baie verstaanbare en onverklaarbare dinge wat ons harte met vrees kan vul.

  • Dankie vir die oomblik

    Hallo Nadia

    Baie dele van ons land het die afgelope tyd reën gekry en dit is asof hele gemeenskappe nuwe hoop gekry het. In sommige dele was daar skade maar die meeste mense is dankbaar vir die reën ten spyte van die verspoeling en oorstroming wat plek-plek gebeur het.

    Soms spoel trauma en drama ook so deur ‘n mens se lewe en daarom het ek die webjoernaal na jou vernoem Nadia. Jou naam beteken mos hoop. Saam kan ons hoop in elke situasie innooi.

    As ‘n berader het my lewenspad met die van ‘n mense in nood of traumatiese pyn gekruis. Die kontak was soms net ‘n paar uur of selfs vir ‘n paar minute. Vandag kan net ek baie dankie sê vir daardie oomblikke.

    As helper hoop en bid jy dat jy ‘n verskil maak aan ander se pyn en lyding. Die werklikheid het my geleer dat elke mens met wie ek in kontak kom aan my hart raak.

  • Deur en deur

    Hallo Nadia

    Dit is dou voor dag en ek hoor die mooiste voël geluide. Die afgelope tyd was baie bedrywig en die enigste manier om my verslae op datum te kry is om baie vroeg op te staan. Vir my is verslag skryf regtig werk, maar dit is tog ʼn goeie manier om nabetragting te doen.

  • Did you know garlic is a superfood?

    Wellbeing, By Nature’s Design

    There is an old saying: “Garlic is as good as ten mothers.”

    Science tells us that garlic (Allium sativum L.) has a wide variety of natural sulphur-containing compounds. These compounds, called allicin, may be a promising antibiotic to research for new medication.

    Garlic is a superfood with powerful medicinal properties.

    Let's thrive together with every drop and every bite.



    Garlic is a superfood with powerful medicinal properties.


  • Die ergste scenario’s


    Sien jy maklik scenario’s in die ergste graad en gevaar ooral? Sulke regte “worst-case scenarios”. Die goeie nuus is dat jou brein so saamgestel is om jou te beskerm teen gevaar en vir oorlewing.

    Angs maak dat ‘n mens jou omgewing en interaksies met mense soos ‘n wafferse speurder die hele tyd bespied.

  • Ek wou jou vertel

    'n Kliënt vertel my nou die dag dat die storie wat sy my wou vertel anders in haar kop geklink as wat uiteindelik uitgeborrel het. Dit is nogal ‘n algemene probleem as jy, in jou gedagtes, sorgvuldig uitwerk wat jy wil vertel en wanneer jy jou belewenis probeer praat klink dit net ‘anders’. Anders, asof dit ‘n afgewaterde weergawe is waarvan party stukke verlore geraak het.

    As jy nodig het om my te vertel wat in jou hart, gemoed en kop omgaan, fokus op jou weergawe. Jou storie is belangrik. Ander mense, selfs die in jou storie, het ander belewenisse. Hulle het hul eie stories.

    Jou lewenstorie het unieke eienskappe. Jou lewenservaringe het unieke nuanses met hoogtepunte, laagtepunte en ontploffings. Jou belewenisse is belangrik, net soos wat jy belangrik is.

    Gewoonlik vertel my kliënte hul stories in stukkies en brokkies. Hulle onthou later die detail van wat hulle uitgelaat het of vertel die hele storie uit ‘n ander hoek of op ʼn ander manier.

    As jy my kliënt is kan jy jou storie soveel keer vertel as wat jy nodig het om sin te maak van jou ervaring of gevoelens en gedagtes. My rol is om jou te help om die deurbrake te kry wat jy na soek. Ek is jou metgesel wat help om krisisse en trauma te ontsyfer sodat jy heel kan word.

    Jy kan 'n vertroulike afspraak maak op

    Aquilla Wellness Solutions.


  • Fear, fake news and false facades

    Fear, fake news and false facades

    The three things that are thriving in the midst of a national disaster are fear, fake news and false facades. People try to cling to the idea that life has to go on as usual in the shadow of grave health concerns.

    The reality is that we have to find a new sense of normality in a maze of anxiety-provoking, exaggerated gossip. It is hard to distinguish what is really happening and when are people exaggerating their situation.

    Everything that happens is not a potential catastrophe and you don’t have to be in the centre of everyone’s drama. You are allowed to take a step back to take a reality check.

    The good news is that people are resilient and much more flexible than we give ourselves credit for. We have used our innovative skills to deal with the shortage of electricity during load-shedding and now our movements are restricted. We have to make last-minute changes to our schedules because meetings get cancelled. We have to change our working hours and reprioritize interactions to fit in with the load-shedding roster.

  • Four lifestyle strengths necessary to survive COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on households and communities. The way businesses, training institutions and ministries operated do not apply anymore.

    Together we have to be creative and resilient to make every day count. In the past, people engaged others in specific styles of communication, for example, marketing-centred or promotional interactions. At this stage, the need for our clients is encouragement and healing-centred engagements.

    Much of the cosmetic fluff has weathered and personal interaction and kindness are more important than ever. Customer loyalty is won by the way they are treated during these challenging times.

    There are four lifestyle strengths you need to survive and build your business and practice that is relevant now. The priority strengths are consideration, reliability, flexibility and altruism.

    Considerationrefers to being cooperative and willing to volunteer where you can make a difference. This is the time to be peacemakers, rather than to stir strife and unnecessary conflict. The greatest culprits in stirring discord are fake news and political rhetoric while people’s lives are at stake.

    Reliability brings faithfulness to the foreground. We need the tenacity not to give up, to be persistent in doing what is necessary and the willingness to change. This is dependability with loyalty and predictability.

    Flexibility links to the willingness to change because this allows personal growth and contentment. In other words, being diplomatic and happy to go along with change involving minimal stress.

    Altruism is the generosity and self-motivation to make your community a better place. Helping others to feel loved and lovable. Motivating other people to learn and grow towards a better future.

    The most important aspects for me to live a fulfilling life at this moment is holding on to the hope and staying rooted in my relationship with God. I am also grateful for my loved ones and friends.  (Dr Barbara Louw 2020)

    Book your online or in-person appointment today

  • From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series 3

    From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series 3


    The From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Seriesby Dr Barbara Louw is for you if you believe there must be more to life than you are experiencing now. The stuckness in your life might be because of traumatic events, missed opportunities, life choices or that elusive “glass ceiling”.

    This series is for you if you are looking for constructive ways to deal with your emotions and see growth results. You are willing to explore and positively expand your choices, decisions, expectations, behaviour and skills gaps. This willingness to grow will allow you to get to the root of the stuckness and spiritual unwellness.

    This series is particularly valuable for people suffering from workplace burnout, family distress and vicarious trauma.

    Recreating your story will allow you to embrace wellness, wholeness and wisdom. It is time to create a heart space where you can heal, grow and thrive.


    All participants must have internet access for registration and access to the documents that will be provided every week.

    Potential participants can complete an online self-assessment quiz to assess whether they like the underpinning principles of the counselling offered by Dr Barbara Louw. After completing the quiz and selecting the best Series for you, you can request a 15-minute initial telephone conversation with her to confirm whether you will be able to work together.


    This series of personal counselling sessions is more than a blueprint because Dr Barbara Louw’s Wholistic Wellness Model has been tried and tested for over 20+ years. The model offers life-changing applications of lifelong benefits.

    Each session is informed by your unique story and situation. You will be able to experience rapid and measurable results during each session, as well as continuous change between sessions.

    Sessions are confidential and there will be no group work.

    The From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series is structured in a way that you can feel safe because you know what to expect in each session. You will have enough time to choose what to share and how you would like to formulate your thoughts into words. Dr Barbara works at your pace to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed in your sessions together.

    Christian Pastoral Counselling focuses on solutions for your challenges and skills to empower you to allow healing to continue long after the sessions end. After completing the Bitter-Stuckness to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series, you will receive a certificate to celebrate your journey.


    The main headings for the series are:

    1.     Squeezed between the past and the future

    2.     Roots of Stuckness

    3.     My Glass Ceiling

    4.     Letting Go to Be Free

    5.     Freedom to Heal

    6.     My Wisdom Paradigm


    At the end of the From Bitter-Stuckness to Personal Counselling Wisdom Series:

    ·       You will see your life story in a new light.

    ·       You will be able to use wisdom to replace shame, guilt and pain.

    ·       You will experience a safe heart space with calm, compassion, curiosity, connection, courage, clarity, caring and creativity.

    ·       Your healing process will continue as you go home because we deal with traumatic memories in the right way and the correct order.

    ·       This series will increase your neuroplasticity because optimal pliability leads to positive change, new perceptions and self-reflective capacity.

    ·       In this series, you will be guided to explore your higher purpose and deepen your relationship with God.



    In the From Bitter-Stuckness to Personal Counselling Wisdomseries,you will receive the following:

    ·       An infographic when you have registered and submitted your payment.

    ·       Welcome letter with details of the sessions and your 6 coupon codes which will enable you to book your sessions.

    ·       Handouts, worksheets, self-assessment tools and notes to make your journey measurable and help you to make the most of every session.


    The package fee is R 4200-

    (Total value is R 6000-)


    We do not accept medical aids and do not make biomedical diagnoses. This means you can't claim refunds from medical aids or medical insurance.

    Online registration via Aquilla Training’s platform.

    Keep in mind when choosing a time to make an appointment Dr Louw is in South Africa and the time zone may differ from yours.

    The Personal Counselling Series in English and 'Persoonlike Beradingsreekse' in Afrikaans are dissimilar. All series will be presented via Aquilla Training’s platform.


    The three English Personal Counselling Series of 6 sessions in 6 weeks are:

    ·       Trauma Breakthrough

    ·       Trauma Recovery and Wellness

    ·       From Bitter-“stuckness” to Wisdom

    Die drie Afrikaanse Persoonlike Beradingsreekse van 6 sessies in 6 weke is:

    ·       Trauma Agter die Rug

    ·       Tyd om Heel te Word

    ·       Skryf Jou Pad na Heelwording

  • From Posttraumatic Embitterment To Wholeness In Healthcare


    Chapter by Dr Barbara Louw 2018

    Some of the most challenging aspects of ministry are the integrities of human suffering, illness, spirituality, and wholeness in dealing with people who need pastoral mediation and healthcare. Trauma and posttraumatic embitterment can be demystified in a manner that can make a positive difference to the quality of people’s lives. This unique perspective in dealing with victims, survivors and people who become more than conquerors cuts across the fields of crisis management, trauma relief facilitation and pastoral services, with reference to the role of people’s spiritual context in bitterness. Forgiveness and restoration of health are explored to understand the effects of discourses in a wholeness context. To achieve this, a posttraumatic wellness coaching model is utilised.

    Link Download 20Louw

You can show that you care by sponsoring a counselling session. This gesture is a gift that will be remembered for years to come. A gift counselling session is a gift of hope and growth for someone who needs a nudge in the right direction.


The Association for Christian Ministries is a voluntary association we formed to accommodate people who have a God-given calling. This voluntary association perfectly suites the ministry in which you are serving people.

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This workshop is for any member of the community who hears the cries of the pain of people who are affected by self-harm, attempted suicide and suicidal ideation. We look at the history of suicide, contributing factors, prevention and the aftermath of such an event.

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