This book gives you an overview of dealing with trauma in the workplace, employee assistance and employee wellness.

managing trauma relief voorblad

ISBN 9781920527174

For business owners and managers

Practical recommendations will help you to distinguish between a crisis and trauma, as well as how to deal with them respectively. It gives you guidelines on how to offer useful support and utilize community resources, without breaking the bank. Applicable suggestions, worksheets, check lists and action plans are easy to follow and implement.

It will assist you in creating a sound approach to handling employees’ trauma and moving forward to wellness in your company. The advantages of getting trauma out of the way are:

• Employees are happier and thus more productive.

• Limits absenteeism and reduces workplace conflict.

• Improves stress management, thus improves employee   relationships.

• Sound management in terms of labour legislation.

• Improved client service which will improve your company’s bottom line.

You will find guidance to deal with hard issues such as managing the impact of retrenchment and dismissal as well as giving employees direction to manage their own finances.

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