From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series 3


The From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series by Dr Barbara Louw is for you if you believe there must be more to life than you are experiencing now. The stuckness in your life might be because of traumatic events, missed opportunities, life choices or that elusive “glass ceiling”.

This series is for you if you are looking for constructive ways to deal with your emotions and see growth results. You are willing to explore and positively expand your choices, decisions, expectations, behaviour and skills gaps. This willingness to grow will allow you to get to the root of the stuckness and spiritual unwellness.

This series is particularly valuable for people suffering from workplace burnout, family distress and vicarious trauma.

Recreating your story will allow you to embrace wellness, wholeness and wisdom. It is time to create a heart space where you can heal, grow and thrive.


All participants must have internet access for registration and access to the documents that will be provided every week.

Potential participants can complete an online self-assessment quiz to assess whether they like the underpinning principles of the counselling offered by Dr Barbara Louw. After completing the quiz and selecting the best Series for you, you can request a 15-minute initial telephone conversation with her to confirm whether you will be able to work together.


This series of personal counselling sessions is more than a blueprint because Dr Barbara Louw’s Wholistic Wellness Model has been tried and tested for over 20+ years. The model offers life-changing applications of lifelong benefits.

Each session is informed by your unique story and situation. You will be able to experience rapid and measurable results during each session, as well as continuous change between sessions.

Sessions are confidential and there will be no group work.

The From Bitter-“Stuckness” to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series is structured in a way that you can feel safe because you know what to expect in each session. You will have enough time to choose what to share and how you would like to formulate your thoughts into words. Dr Barbara works at your pace to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed in your sessions together.

Christian Pastoral Counselling focuses on solutions for your challenges and skills to empower you to allow healing to continue long after the sessions end. After completing the Bitter-Stuckness to Wisdom Personal Counselling Series, you will receive a certificate to celebrate your journey.


The main headings for the series are:

1.      Squeezed between the past and the future

2.      Roots of Stuckness

3.      My Glass Ceiling

4.      Letting Go to Be Free

5.      Freedom to Heal

6.      My Wisdom Paradigm


At the end of the From Bitter-Stuckness to Personal Counselling Wisdom Series:

·        You will see your life story in a new light.

·        You will be able to use wisdom to replace shame, guilt and pain.

·        You will experience a safe heart space with calm, compassion, curiosity, connection, courage, clarity, caring and creativity.

·        Your healing process will continue as you go home because we deal with traumatic memories in the right way and the correct order.

·        This series will increase your neuroplasticity because optimal pliability leads to positive change, new perceptions and self-reflective capacity.

·        In this series, you will be guided to explore your higher purpose and deepen your relationship with God.



In the From Bitter-Stuckness to Personal Counselling Wisdom series, you will receive the following:

·        An infographic when you have registered and submitted your payment.

·        Welcome letter with details of the sessions and your 6 coupon codes which will enable you to book your sessions.

·        Handouts, worksheets, self-assessment tools and notes to make your journey measurable and help you to make the most of every session.


The package fee is R 4200-

(Total value is R 6000-)


We do not accept medical aids and do not make biomedical diagnoses. This means you can't claim refunds from medical aids or medical insurance.

Online registration via Aquilla Training’s platform.

Keep in mind when choosing a time to make an appointment Dr Louw is in South Africa and the time zone may differ from yours.

The Personal Counselling Series in English and 'Persoonlike Beradingsreekse' in Afrikaans are dissimilar. All series will be presented via Aquilla Training’s platform.


The three English Personal Counselling Series of 6 sessions in 6 weeks are:

·        Trauma Breakthrough

·        Trauma Recovery and Wellness

·        From Bitter-“stuckness” to Wisdom

Die drie Afrikaanse Persoonlike Beradingsreekse van 6 sessies in 6 weke is:

·        Trauma Agter die Rug

·        Tyd om Heel te Word

·        Skryf Jou Pad na Heelwording