Self-Assessment Quiz for Counselling

Committing to participate in counselling is a major life discussion. You have preferences and expectations about getting assistance and making positive changes. You know it is good that you think about your well-being and the possibility to change and heal.

Dr Barbara Louw is a Christian Pastoral Counsellor, and she designed a quiz for you to decide whether you need counselling and for you to decide if you are comfortable with her therapeutic style. She has decades of experience and the academic background to guide you step-by-step through the therapeutic process when you are ready for action. Her three Personal Counselling Series are more than blueprints because they are tried and tested for life-changing applications with rapid, life-long benefits. The Counselling Series are based on her postdoctoral research and the Wholistic Wellness Model. The word “wholistic” is not a typo because it refers to being well, whole and healed.

She acknowledges that different people have diverse needs. Her Counselling Series will not be suitable for people who are looking for a medical or psychological diagnosis. She never claims to ‘fix’ people. She works at your pace to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed in your sessions together. Each session is informed by your unique story and situation.  You will be able to experience rapid and measurable results during each session, as well as continuous change between sessions.

Sessions are confidential and there will be no group work.

The English self-assessing quiz consists of 12 questions with three possible answers and pop-up notes with more detail. In the end, you can contemplate the outcome and determine if you would like to participate in one of the Personal Counselling Series of 6 sessions in 6 weeks in English or Afrikaans.

These Personal Counselling Series are available for individual counselling online, in-person in Pretoria or a combination of the two interaction methods.

After completing the Quiz and selecting the best Personal Counselling Series for you, you can request a complimentary 15-minute initial telephonic conversation with Dr Louw to confirm whether you will be able to work together.

The three English Personal Counselling Series of 6 sessions in 6 weeks are:

·        Trauma Breakthrough

·        Trauma Recovery and Wellness

·        From Bitter-“stuckness” to Wisdom

Die drie Afrikaanse Persoonlike Beradingsreekse van 6 sessies in 6 weke is:

·        Trauma Agter die Rug

·        Tyd om Heel te Word

·        Skryf Jou Pad na Heelwording


The process to purchase your Counselling Series are:

1.      Register on Aquilla Training’s website.

For security purposes, you are required to register and verify your email address before shopping.

2.      Log In

Follow the login directions carefully.

3.      Buy Your Series

Choose your series and follow the instructions to make the payment.

After the payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with your six coupon codes and information on how to proceed.