This book is a must have for everyone who are battling with the issues addressed and also for people who are assisting people dealing with these issues.

I refer specifically to spiritual leaders as well as educators and social workers who sometime only deal with the symptoms of people who have endured horrendous trauma and have left them emotionally and spiritually scared. The result being dysfunctional individuals who become liabilities in the community instead of useful assets.

The good and positive aspect of this book is the manner in which it is written - It is user friendly for the professional as well as the lay man in the community and that is a quality which is sometimes lacking in most self-help and empowering books. It is very evident that the author, Rev Barbara Louw, has written this book with full knowledge obtained by experience, research but most importantly with her heart. This is one of the rare educational books which can be read along side the bible. I would encourage anyone to read, apply and also to share the content with people they care about and want to empower.

Ms Fatima Abdool

Actress and Facilitator