Narrative Bio Dr Barbara Louw

Embarking on a transformative journey over two decades ago, I stepped into the realms of trauma counselling, pastoral care, and community development with a singular vision: to mend the broken, uplift the downtrodden, and inspire communities towards holistic wellness. As the Chief Executive Officer of Inter Trauma Nexus NPC, I've been at the forefront of crafting sanctuaries for healing and resilience, leading initiatives that span from intimate one-on-one counselling sessions to orchestrating specialized support groups that offer solace and strength to those in dire need.

My role at Aquilla Advisors cc, as a co-owner and managing member, has enabled me to extend my expertise to the corporate world, providing trauma counselling advisory services and training designed to weave the fabric of resilience within organizational structures. Our mission is to instil a culture of empathy and understanding, developing therapeutic tools that bridge the gap between adversity and recovery.

In the academic arena, as the Dean of Kailo Training Institute (Pty) LTD, I've nurtured minds and spirits, equipping eager learners with the skills to carry forward the torch of compassionate counselling and pastoral care. My commitment extends to Aquilla Wellness Solutions (Pty) LTD, where, as a co-owner and CEO, I've pioneered therapeutic interventions grounded in years of research, including the creation of Kailo Soothing Oils—a testament to our dedication to healing and wellness.

My academic journey, crowned with a Doctorate in Divinity and PhDs in Wellness & Folk Medicine and Counselling, underpins my wholistic approach to healing. This scholarly foundation, combined with practical experience, fuels my passion for making a tangible impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

I am a Breakthrough Champion—committed to your wellness, dedicated to your victory, and unwavering in my promise to guide you towards empowerment and resilience. This journey is not just my profession; it is my calling.





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