Dr Barbara Louw

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I am passionate about helping people to become free from pain, to learn peace of mind, to build healthy relationships, to experience true happiness, success and to grow in a dynamic relationship with God.

I understand that making the first appointment for counseling or coaching is an important step in taking responsibility for your wellness.

I make my own appointments, since that very first conversation is already part of your growth process. I strive to offer an appointment within 24 to 48 hours from your call. In many cases we can help on the same day.

Even though I work with crisis and trauma, I realize that your time is valuable and we respect your efforts to come to our office. I strive to start all sessions on time for the appointment.

Our facilitators can offer extended hours for appointments for after-care and follow-up sessions of existing clients.

Another client centered service we offer is eAdvice, an electronic counseling service for first time and follow-up electronic advice for clients. For clients with busy schedules or who frequently travel, help is still at hand.


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I worked in several South African communities during the past 35+ year, in various capacities, including trauma- and crisis counselling, victim support, employee wellness, training and volunteer management.

My practice is in the context of a non-psychological and non-social work practice. Counselling; coaching; deep relaxation therapy; prayer; journaling; other relaxation techniques; affirmation;  support groups; pastoral counseling and trauma relif facilitation, which includes diet and food; nutritional supplements and exercise are techniques I utilize in my practice.



My PhD study is about using a natural health care approach to treat Posttraumatic Embitterment Reaction The research excursion started with seeking an understanding of the origin of embitterment, the impact on a person and the journey to wellness and wholeness. I acknowledge that there are a large number of natural health care approaches, philosophies and theories. My quest was to find the most effective approach and to construct this approach into a Posttraumatic Wellness Coaching Model. This model aims for a counsellor to enter into a helping relationship with a client, by outlining the client’s unique, current health profile and construct a holistic wellness plan.

Please note that I do not share my clients information with any external researchers; students or any other third party.