Barbara Louw and her associates, have worked with people in South African communities for more than 34 years. They established themselves as solution focused professionals offering advisory services in the fields of pastoral care, trauma management, employee wellness, natural health, business and financial services.


She is a co-founding member  and chief executive officer of Inter Trauma Nexus, a South African based NGO. Under her management this organisation received various awards and hundreds of community members were inspired and trained to offer community based trauma relief and victim support. Through this NGO thousands of victims of crime were supported and traumatized people were guided to make informed decisions.


Barbara has a sound academic foundation and seems to be a student for life. She believes in life long learning and values professional networks. She is affiliated to various associations and professional bodies such as  the Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners and Association of Christian Religious Practitioners.

Sy complete a PhD in Management of Counselling with a research project on: "A holistic wellness approach for dealing with posttraumatic embitterment reaction".

The research topic dor her Masters degree in Sociology was: Narrative Therapy for victims of rape and sexual violations. “GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE” AS METAPHOR OF HOPE FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLATIONS IN South Africa"

She ascribes her success to a calling from God and a huge portion of grace and mercy. Teamwork is a key element in working with people, especially in challenged communities. In an era where services to people is fractured and takes place in isolated pockets, she appeals on people’s goodwill and advocates for working together to achieve synergy. “Together we can make a lasting difference”.

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"An eagle is an important symbol in my life. In this picture I tried to capture the idea of a eagle that was chained to a very short peg and then the clips that held the brace in place goes loose. It is may purpose and passion to help people get rid of the things that bind and limit them. By the grace of God people can get rid of the issues, limitations and pain of the past and fly higher that they ever did before."